Summer Bounce Banner Review 2015

 Review: “Missile Sound” presented their annual “Summer Bounce” event for 2015 in fine style on Sunday 24th May at the “Curve Bar” as the Bank Holiday Special!!! Which was billed as a “Wear Your Summer Colours Party” and there were some serious bright colours in the house that night, showing that the local and imported crowd showed maximum respect for the event and taking part which enhanced the whole vibe and atmosphere. From start to finish it was a nonstop party vibe with no interruptions musically. Gallery: Summer Bounce 2015 

The night kicked off with a legend from Missile sound “Skippa J” and you don’t see a legend starting an event off very often, then DJ Earl came on with some 80’s and 90’s soul, who played the tunes in such a precise manor by not missing a beat in how he mixed one tune to another, and actually playing a tune for more than 20 seconds which is a rarity nowadays. and then we had Platinum Disco, who as far as I am concerned is one of the best mic mc’s around today warming the people up for later, and even though it was early the vibe was hot, then “Black Steel” & DJ Russian came on and ejected a segment of Dancehall, Bashment and Reggae in a 45 minute spell keeping the vibe going till around 12am. By then things were getting hot, and more people were starting to roll in. 

Summer-Bounce-2015 BackThen “Special Touch” who were the headline selectors came on inna true London Style with their own unique introduction to the crowd, so you knew something different is happening, then “BAM” they turned it up another notch especially for the ladies who were blowing their whistle creating a carnival style atmosphere, with a offerings of Jungle. Old Skool Garage, Bashment and Soul. The ladies were getting down and partying hard especially to the bashment segment. “Special Touch” proved that they are not called that for nothing by showcasing to Ipswich that they are one of London’s finest and bringing something classy and vibrant to the “Missile Sound Promotions” table.

And it did not stop at special touch as they picked out a winner for the best Summer Wear group, and that was won by Reo and her Clacton Crew so they were presented with a bottle of Champagne. Now it was the man with the” Golden Voice” DJ Daddy Turbo turn after them, who shelled it down in a juggling and mixing fashion who had the young crowd hyped and you could see the respect that DJ Daddy Turbo has on his home turf.

Last but not least on the night was the return of the legend himself “Skippa J” who toned it down with a nice selection of One-Drop Reggae for the last half hour or so, and you could see that people wanted more of “ Skippa J” but the party had to come to an end at 03:00. It was good to see people from all over especially Chelmsford, Essex in the house and also the local crowd mixing and blending with the outsiders, and also to see so many bright colours, so a massive respect to you all for making the effort. It is important and pivotal that you keep supporting these events, as without your support we cannot hold these type of specialist events that cater for our crowd, so if the support ids not there, we will lose it, and believe me, there are not a lot of venues around that we can hold these events

“Missile Sound Promotions” would like to thank and salute all who made the effort and came out to support this years “Summer Bounce” event. ……Remember….support it or lose it!!! Next Summer Bounce event Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May 2016

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Gallery: Summer Bounce 2015 

Audio: Live recording from Summer Bounce 2015 unedited.

CD.1 – Black Steel & Dj Russian

CD.2 – Special Touch Sound

CD.3 – Special Touch, Daddy Turbo & Dj Earl

CD.4 – Mista Biggz & Skippa J