Tune in to Skippa J’s rice & peas reggae show every Sunday afternoon from 2p.m till 4p.m playing nothing but the best in reggae dancehall music… The show was Establish in 1989 and is still going strong.


105.7 FM in and around the Ipswich area England UK

Or on line at www.icrfm.com // Tunein

Skippa J & his family are the driving force behind Missile Sound which was established in 1986 built on the foundation of Jamaican sound system culture. Over the past 30 year’s they have held many live events covering all genres of music, indoor & outdoor events.

When his playing Missile Sound he sees himself more as an entertainer and not just a deejay, it’s all about speech & delivery, vibes & energy to keep that dance floor lively.

Playing music is like telling a story, you have to have an introduction at the beginning, a peak in the middle and a smooth finishing…

Other than being a professional Dj, he is also a qualified sound engineer an event’s promoter. someone that’s been organizing and managing live events since 1986 giving him years of experience.

His wife says that his has OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, He say, he just like things to be organised & put together in the right way, which makes him a reliable person that won’t mess you around when it comes to doing an event.

Oh yer, for got to mention his a BIG Man United supporter

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