Ipswich Windrush


22 Jun 2019 Ipswich, Suffolk (GRB) Free


Time : 10.00
Venue : Cornhill / Town Hall
Address : Cornhill
State : Suffolk
Zip : IP1 1AQ

Come and show your full support for this year’s annual ‘Ipswich Windrush Celebration’ taking place in the heart of Ipswich Town Centre, Inside The Town Hall and on The Cornhill.

The W.S.C team have been working really hard over the past eight months to make this year’s event really special.

Come and join us on Saturday 22nd June as we celebrate Ipswich Windrush 2019 in a Caribbean style 10am/4pm.

Inside The Town Hall

Room One: The Time Tunnel
Charting an inspirational journey from the Caribbean to Britain with hope in their eyes

Room Two: Its Time To Say Thank You
As our elders step into the golden years, let’s celebrate, reflect and commemorate the journey that changed lives.

The Windrush Stage – On The Cornhill

10.00: Open Ceremony
10.30: Ipswich Reggae Choir
11:00: Darien Prophecy
11.30: Skippa J ‘Our Musical Journey’
12.00: Cherise Phillips
12.15: A.N.G ‘Spoken Words’
12.30: Dj Echo ‘Urban Culture’
13.00: Reggae Rainbows
13.30: Irie J
14.00: Ipswich Reggae Choir
14.30: Skippa J
15.00: DeeVine (Soca)
15.30: Closing Ceremony
16.00: The End

Hosted By: Daddy Turbo

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