No Easter Friday Reggae Dancehall Extravaganza This Year???

Many reggae fans across East Anglia have voiced their frustration that we have decided not to hold our annual Easter Friday reggae event, that shows respect for the foundation artists, sound systems and selectors that have paved the way to make reggae what it is today.

Over the last few years, the business has changed drastically, Especially with the birth of the internet bringing some pros & cons, some would say that the business has been watered down.

Here at Missile HQ, we are always looking for new ways to uplift the music business, keeping its prestige, in a nice friendly environment where you the fans can come and show your full support.

We decided to give our annual Easter Friday event a break this year, for the first time since 1998, and we apologize to all the reggae fans that were looking forward to this year’s event.

Sound system culture is the heartbeat of Missile Sound and we will not be going through the Easter Weekend without any reggae, as that would be unforgivable.

Reggae music will be played on Easter Sunday at an event called VIBRANT. They will be three separate rooms of music with the legendary Skippa J representing Missile Sound in the VIP lounge upstairs.

This is definitely a good venue, perfect for reggae. It as a good in house sound system with a non-invasive heavy sounding baseline, Aircon, 4 am Licence with the toilets and bar on the same level as the dance floor.

Easter Sunday 21st April
Revolutions Ipswich
1-7 Cattle Market

Come & show your support..