Review!!! 2 Damn Hot Bashment Party!!! Platinum Edition Vol.3 (29th May 2015) featuring “MIGHTY CROWN” as the headline act this was a night and a half to remember.

From start to finish all the DJ’s performed outstandingly and on point from tune to tune. First it was DJ Russian who started the night of in a fine style with a segment of all genres fitting the event with some smooth mixing for around an hour and a half, then it was DJ Hashtag with “ROXXIES Sound”, who in my opinion are the fastest juggling DJ’s in the UK at present who just came on and tore it down, with their own imported fans making a whole heap of appreciative noise for every tune they played. Then it was the turn of “Skippa J” who has a style that gets everyone on the dancefloor with his well renowned mic chat and skills and trust me he shelled it down. Then at around 01:30 it was time for the legendary “MIGHTY CROWN”. The moment had arrived with their introduction, and the first tune from their artinery was a Busy Signal dub plate…….then things got crazy and hyped inna dancehall style with “MIGHTY CROWN” showing why they are so mighty, and they were just shelling out tune after tune in exactly the right place and at exactly the right time, and “MIGHTY CROWN” also killed it with an exclusive Hip-Hop segment which was off the chain. Booking Mighty Crown was money well spent as this was history in the Chelmsford Essex @ “MIYA” Night Club in Chelmsford Essex last Friday 29th May. “MIGHTY CROWN “showed even more professionalism with their attitude towards the Meet & Greet scenario by allowing to have an abundance of pictures taken with the fans and this shows how professional and polite they are with “NO” egotistical behavior whatsoever!! Photo Gallery

mighty crown front“Black Steel Promotions” would like to thank all crews plus the birthday crews from Leicester, Southampton, London, Braintree, Ipswich, Canvey Island, Colchester & Southend crew that made the night what it was …and dem know how fi party for real, especially the “HOT” Chelmsford ladies who rolled out. And not forgetting Claudette & Sonia at reception that always do a marvellous job and also “PIT BULL” Security, who are “TIGHT BUT POLIGHT”. So the “WHO RULED THE DANCEFLOOR” title of this month’s event was was ruled by the “IPSWICH” crew…..they came, they saw and they conquered and ruled the dance floor, so Ipswich crew “BIG” up yourselves. Black Steel Promotions” would like to “THANK” you all once again for your continued support and we will hope to see you all again on Friday 31st July 2015 @ *MIYA* Night Club for the next episode of the “2 Damn Hot” Bashment Versus Afrobeats Party Special!!!……Also for the “Mature Ravers” the “FEEL GOOD” Reggae & Soul Party will be back very soon, so watch this space. ……Remember….support it or lose it!!!

God bless you all and thank you all once again for all your past and present support.

Black Steel Promotions

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