Maxi Priest Live Saturday 23rd March 2013 At The Regent Theatre Ipswich Suffolk. Reviewed By Black Steel

Maxi-Priest PosterBy 7pm the crowd started to gather outside the Regent Theatre braving the cold harsh bitter English weather, proudly brandishing their tickets on entry, and even though it was cold, they had enormous smiles on their faces as they knew what was in store for them inside. Once inside everyone met with friends and family, colleagues etc and people whom they haven’t seen in a long time in the designated bar area. Drinks were ordered then the crowd were let into the arena. Once seated the compare for the evening “Daddy Turbo” introduced the the first act to kick start the concert who are the local legends formerly “Jah Warrior” and who are now known as “Reggae Rainbow” entertaining the eager and anxious audience by injecting them with four high calibre Reggae songs and the audience responded enigmatically with a huge round of applause after every song, which I thought was a very strong act to open a ceremony which is not standard for shows nowadays. Then after Reggae Rainbow performance, there was an intermission for half an hour which gave the selector “Lexus” to entertain the crowd with a warm smooth selection of Reggae tracks which kept the audience rocking from side to side in good spirits. Then it was time for the second act a young talented artist who hails from Harlesden London called “Gappy Ranks” who is now internationally known and who has won a number of awards performed his world wide hits such as “thanks & Praise”, “heaven in her eyes” and I noticed there was not a female hand/s that was not waving to and fro when he was singing and the ladies were hypnotised by his songs singing them word for word, and the screams were deafening when he arrived on the stage and also when he departed from the stage, and this raised the bar immensely. After Gappy Ranks performance, another break commenced giving time for the musicians to tune and warm up their instruments and for Lexus to entertain the crowd once again until the main headline act was ready. Then the compare “Daddy Turbo” who has done a brilliant job hosting, came on again hyping up the crowd to a desperate frenzy for “Maxi Priest” who was ready to, but teasing the audience asking “are you ready for Maxi Priest” in true showmanship style. then the introduction came, musicians to their post, then the drum roll came…

And the band started to play some of “Maxi Priests” song in a short medley style, then the moment that they had all been talking about & waiting for over the last three months was finally here….the Grammy Nominated, American Billboard chart topper ”MAXI PRIEST” came bursting on stage with a super immortal energy blasting out the legendary hits, such as “In The Spring time”, “Should I”, “Wide World”, “Believe in love”, “Close To You” etc and by then the audience were swinging from the chandeliers screaming, shouting, dancing in the isles which turned into a free for all who clambered to get to the front and I have never seen so many mobile phone flashes in one night. Maxi Priest showed the loyal fans and the loyal haters why he is still a major name in Reggae music as his performance was second to none. The backing band were also tight with every note on pitch and were finely tuned. And to add more spice to his performance he brought on his protégé called “Beniton” who brought a dancehall feel to the performance and the audience warmed to him very well swaying hands in the air from side to side. And also Maxi Priest did not hold back in making the ladies scream to high heaven.

So to sum up the whole event I would have to give it 10 out of 10, and I also got this from a lot of members of the audience I spoke to. Also not forgetting Skippa J, Dale & D-Mac Promotions family, who made this spectacular event possible. So Ipswich give yourselves a good pat on the back as you definately have something to be very proud of. Regards Black Steel

Maxi Priest Ipswich ....Maxi Priest IpswichMaxi Priest Ipswich.Maxi Priest Ipswich..Maxi Priest ...Gappy Ranks Ipswich