Ipswich Master Of The Decks
Saturday 25th November 2017
Arlingtons Bar Museum Street Ipswich

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Skanking Promotions bringing the sound clash vibes back to Ipswich.

Four local djs were book to compete in Master Of The decks, but unfortunately one of the DJ’s ‘Dj Russian’ didn’t turn up? Leaving Dj Pat, Daddy Turbo & Asha Ranks.


1st Round:
All DJ’s play 10min round anything goes

2nd Round:
All DJ’s play 10min round strictly dubplates with their name

3rd Round:
Each DJ pick an artist and will play four tracks by that artist.

The crowd decide the winner?

Short review: FULL AUDIO

After a slow start the clash finally got started with Asha Ranks winning the first round by a landslide, as he was the only DJ that received any forwards. Daddy Turbo got some big forwards in the 2nd round for his dubplates, and Asha Ranks who played last featured some big establish artist on dub such as Jah Cure, Beres and Morgan Heritage.

When it came to voting who won the second round, Daddy Turbo got no response from the crowd, all though they gave him the biggest forwards when he was playing his dubs??? This showed clearly some supporters were biases. All though Asha Ranks played the biggest set of dubplates, the second round eventually went to Dj Pat who had the crowd on his side.

In the 3rd round, Dj Pat played 4 Busy Signals, Turbo played 4 Freddie McGregors and Asha Ranks played 4 Sanchez songs (two on dubplate)

When it came to voting who won the third round it was clearly between Dj Pat and Asha Ranks as far as the crowd were concerned. Dj Pat had the edge because his fans were all upfront near the stage cheering him on, while Asha Ranks fans and neutral supporters were all standing at the back and around the sides.

The host Junior Chin tried his best to get everyone to come forward to take part in the voting but many decided to stand where they were standing. The voting went on for a while and in the end, it was down to the promoter to name the winner and going by what the rules said, ‘The crowd will decide the winner’ he had to give it to Dj Pat.

Congratulations to Dj Pat on your win, you brought out your fans, played the music that they wanted to hear and they supported you throughout the night…

Big shout out to Eazy Wayne & Junior Chin who put on a good energetic live PA performance after the competition. Skippa J who set the tone for the night featuring some exclusive dubs from the missile sound dub box.

Many thanks to all those who attended this event, your support is much appreciated.

The Question is?
Does / Can sound clash work in Ipswich?
People only come out to support their friend?
Should they be independent judges?
Or should a dj bring his crowd?

The Debate continues…