Ipswich Caribbean Music Day @ Global Rhythm 2015 Christchurch Park, Ipswich Suffolk Saturday 11th July. Gallery

Review… What a day it was, the sun was out in full force, and so were the people who really came to party with family and friends for a Caribbean style family day out. It all started at 13:00 with the local voice of DJ Daddy Turbo welcoming everyone to the event. then came on “Adrian Jakarain” as the first act playing his digital pans, then it was “DJ Dusty’s” turn who is Ipswich’s Soca King for half an hour playing the best tunes in that genre entertaining the crowd . Then it was time for some live music from some real musicians the Downsetter’s who belted out some Ska & Rock Steady style tunes who were tight in their delivery note for note showing good rehearsal preparation and the audience loved it. Then the Parade marched through for 10 minutes through the park. It was showtime again with another well known and well loved local act by the name of “ Reggae Rainbows” came on and did their thing in fine Reggae style, and showcasing their child protégé “Omari “who is the kids local superstar and when his name was mentioned, they all went crazy especially when he belted his signature cover of “The Hot Steppa”.So, now “DJ Daddy Turbo” said its time for the legend “Dawn Penn” and now the whole park was in hysteria by the mentioning of her name, and they were singing her song and she wasn’t even on the stage yet. what can I say, she was cool & deadly, singing her songs with ease and then after the fourth song she let rip her signature tune “No No No” and you know the rest hearing how the crowd reacted, she didn’t even need to sing the song, as the crowd were singing it for her with amorous applause .
Front Caribbean Day 2015Now it was time for the “CSI” Steel Band played some traditional Calypso for the crowd, and you can’t beat the sound of the “Steel Drums” which automatically and subliminally make you think of the Caribbean islands. It was time for the DJ “Hit Man” to play some Soca getting the Caribbean fans who came for the Soca dancing at the front of the barriers. “Jade Peters” came on with a classy smooth acoustic live performance singing covers like Sam’s Smiths “Stay with me” & “Jessy Jay’s “money, money, money” showing that Ipswich definitely has a lot of good home grown local talent . Promoter & Co-organizer “Skippa J” came on and turned up the heat again with some reggae/dancehall classics bringing a dancehall vibe in the park getting everyone especially the ladies bubbling like hot soup in a pot. Now it was time for another local superstar by the name of Lion-I” (where Ipswich gets so much talent I don’t know) who started off with accepella vocals behind the stage, as you could hear the voice, but no artist, then from out of nowhere, came “Lion-I” running on the stage with a 1,000 volts of energy, jumping up and down and singing at the same time in an Urban/Bashment style, with the crowd also copying his every move and that was a sight to see, they were even singing his tunes word-for-word.

More hype was to follow with the Soca Diva called “De-Vine”, she rocked the place up and down displaying an explosive and exciting performance, giving the Soca lovers what they were waiting for and they loved it flashing their flags showing who and what country they were representing. Even more heat was dished out with the last act, from overseas Caribbean Soca act by the name of “Sekon Sta” which was the last act who was also full of energy, and boy, he had the crowd rocking from side-to-side in true energetic “Soca” style. It was a sight to see and the ladies really warmed to him especially the ones at the front barrier. To sum the whole day up

1. A park full of smiling & happy faces
2. Children enjoying themselves
3. The sun was shining
4. Good performers
5. Good deejay’s
6. Good food & drinks
7. Free entrance
8. huge turn out
9. Good compere
10. Good Pa system

Take a look at some of the pictures taken from the event Gallery Video footage coming soon..

I think that that says it all really, on behalf of Missile Sound I would like to say a very big thank you to all who gave up their time and energy over the last six months, Peppery production, IBC, Bevan & Skippa J, and the team who work very hard back stage on the day Tamisha Mckenzie, Petranella Noreiga, Eclipse engineers, Daddy Turbo, Skippa J & Karen Walker who look after Dawn Penn, All the performers and more importantly the people who have supported the event to make it the success that it is, many thanks to the main sponsors ‘The Acts Council, so once again!!! l thank you all for your past and present support.

Missile Sound.