Missile Sound was established in Ipswich Uk in 1986 by Candy & The Mckenzie Brothers built on the foundation of Jamaican sound system culture.

With the migration of Jamaicans to the Uk in the late 50’s & 60’s the tradition of ‘Sound Systems’ was also exported. During the 70’s & 80’s every area of London, every City & Town with a West Indian population had their own crop of sounds with a team of a mainly man behind it, Selectors, MC’s, Engineers, Box Crew, Van Driver all were part of the team.

Over the last 30 year’s the Missile’s team has changed, with new face’s coming in and some old face’s moving on but the core of the team ‘The Mckenzie Brothers’ is still the driving force behind the sound, and with the next generation coming through, the future looks bright.

Sound clashes are part of sound system culture and we loved getting involved throughout the 80’s, 90’s and the new millennium winning many trophies along the way.

We haven’t taken part in any clashes recently due to the high demands of hosting are yearly events, putting on high-quality events takes up most of our time, you have to be 100% focus when it comes to promoting events has it’s a full-time job.

Missile Flagship events…

* The Godfather
* Energy
* Fully Loaded
* Dancehall Queen Contest
* Heads High
* 80’s Flashback
* 90’s Flashback
* Global Rhythm
* Reggae Drum
* Summer Bounce
* Vibrant
* Dancehall Extravaganza

Many thanks to all those that have supported our events over the year’s, your support is well appreciated, thank you all once again for your non-stop support.

We also cater for private functions, whether a birthday party, wedding or christening you definitely can rely on us to get the job done with minim fuss. We have the equipment and deejay to make your special day/night a remember-ale one.

Coming soon, some old & new pictures of the Missile team…