Welcome To Skippa J’s Blogs…
I am the co-owner of Missile Sound which was establish in 1986, I have been a radio presenter on Ipswich Community Radio since 1989, I am also a qualified sound engineer, experience promoter & qualified events manager.

My wife say that i have OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I say, I just like things to be organized & put together in the right way.

Available for BOOKINGS. Private Functions, Live Events, Festivals & Club Gigs.

Catch me presenting The ICR Sunday rice & peas reggae show every Sunday afternoon 2/4pm. Icr 105.7m Ipswich area.

Website: www.icrfm.com / Tunein 

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Below I will be sharing my thoughts and voicing my opinions so be sure to keep checking back…. Bless Skippa J