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Global Rhythm Review. Ipswich annual free festival of world music is a colourful and exciting celebration of worldwide culture showcasing the best world and roots music and dance in the perfect setting of Christchurch Park Ipswich.

For this years 6th Anniversary we had three main stages. Peppery Stage, Latino Stage & The Missile Sound Stage which brought Caribbean sound system culture to the event, with a mix of different genre of music that was a branch of reggae dub music.

Wow, what a turnout? Thousands of people were quickly gathering around the Missile Sound Stage from early afternoon to take in some good music. By 1pm you could tell that this was going to be an amazing afternoon/evening. The sun was shining, the temperature was warming up nicely. Missile Sound System was definitely rocking Christchurch park!!!

A picture speaks a Million words (GALLERY) Three stages… Where’s Missile ?? Woop there it is ….Missile Stage drew the crowd and held it!! It was a beautiful day. Stripped back to old Skool. Big Missile Sound System. We wanted a family event and that’s exactly what we got. Little Babies. Children playing follow the leader.

Serious moves from the adults and elders putting down the dominoes with different generations. Missile Sound is a brand and Skippa J and The Missile Family have dedicated years to lifting people’s souls with their own unique style of music. With all the loyal supporter’s the Missile Music Family Is Strong.

Skippa J laying down Layer after Layer of serious music, soca reggae ska and dubplates from out of the Missile archive dub box. Dj Echo dropped a serious old skool garage set. Music Bubble did a Stella job of Co-Hosting. Special guest Love Express from Birmingham also kept the crowd bubbling.

Full Missile Sound System was in force and the clarity was crystal clear. This was an old skool family event games for the kids dance off for The Adults. A trip down music lane for us all and for the younger generations a history lesson into Sound System Music Culture. Fantastic to see so many of you kicking back and enjoying the Vibes.

19.00 was the scheduled time for finishing. And Skippa J been professional turned off the sound AT 18.58 leaving the crowd shouting ”We want more, We want more”. That in itself shows that they were having great fun.

Big up the Missile Family another one for the memory box. I think you all agree best one YET?

Big thank you to Ipswich Borough Council and Global Rhythm for having us again this year. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Many thanks to all the fans. Thank you all for your non-stop continued support. We really do appreciate it and look forward to seeing you at our future events.

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Few comments from social media

Reo: What a fantastic day/evening yesterday at global rhythm Christchurch park !! Best one I’ve every been to 3 stages of music but Skippa J Missile Sound mashed it biggest crowd ever leaving the other stages with small groups ! Music was fab bit of everything played everyone really enjoying themselves nice friendly atmosphere loads up dancing credit due to all the team at the park & after party.

Annette: We had a wonderful day, so lovely to see so many people at your stage, music was flowing and the sun was shining, well

Michelle: Had an amazing day at Global Rhythm festival catching up with good friends & quality family time. Big up Skippa J & all the Crew for your amazing work. After party at Earl Kitchener was off da hook.

Hayley: This is the Way to go… No politics no Drama…Take it Back to old skool Full missile sound System. Skippa J being a True showman and Running things smooth. Missile music Family is strong…. Best Global Rhythm to date

Wayne: It was a quality day out my family had a great time , well done Skippa J and your team

Garfield: Despite all the challenges and setbacks for this year’s Global Rhythms event Missile Sound pulled it off yet again. Fantastic day of great free music and beautiful weather. Even though we got kicked off the hill for political reasons, Missile Sound was by far the busiest and best stage – bar none! Big up Skippa and thanks as ever. Legend!

Bernadette: I had a great time… Nice atmosphere… Music was great…. Excellent social gathering

Dawn: It was fantastic and can’t wait for next year! Absolutely loved it! Thank you x

Michelle R: First time I’ve been, definitely will go again, wicked tunes, awesome atmosphere roll on the next one.

Steve: Great afternoon, hate to think what the events team would have said if you had cranked the bass up to full lol especially with 14 bass bins lolol

Karl: Was a good day in da park Missile Sound you played some banging tunes.

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